Each individual website can differ dramatically in complexity and resource utilization, so it difficult to simply assign a cost to specific number of pages.
By completing the Website Worksheet
you will give us the information we need top the most accurate estimate. Bellow is a table of basic rates the we will use to calculate your estimate or for site maintenance.

  • Static site(no database): $200 for First Web Page Design
    (includes 1 hour consultation and design mockups)
  • $50 for each additional static web page
  • $50/hr. for other basic services (maintenance, updates, digital photography, technical writing, web-ready image prep, etc.)

  • Dynamic site: $500 for First Web Page Design
    (includes 2 hours consultation and design mockups for database or e-Commerce site)
  • $100 for each additional dynamic web page
  • $80/hr. for database design and advanced coding
    (PHP, MySql, Flash Interfaces)
:: Additional Services for Web Page Design ::
spaceThese services will be charged on an hourly basis
  • $80/hr - Database Design(mysql) and interface with PHP
  • $80/hr - Teradata Database Design & Performance Tuning
  • $80/hr - Flash Animation and Action Script
  • $75/hr - Video Editing (client to provide digital footage)
  • $65/hr - Custom JavaScript
  • $65/hr - Graphic Design for logos and print
  • $50/hr - Digital Photography
  • $50/hr - Copy writing and/or editing of content, Technical Writing
  • $35/hr -Creating PDF's
  • $35/hr -Typing copy that is not provided digitally (email or floppy disk)
  • $50/hr -Custom Online Marketing Package Consultation
  • $50/hr -Search Engine Optimization and Submission
  • $50/hr -Site maintenance, billed in 15 minute increments
:: Additional charges paid to third-party services ::
  • Domain Name Registration: Approximately $15 a year, paid to Registration Service
  • Hosting Service: Approximately $15/mo. for Hosting of your site on a server. E-Commerce Sites with databases or high volume will run higher, $35 and up.
  • Streaming Media: These services start around $39/month.

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