Use our web design worksheet help you plan your customized website.

A few basic design principles will help your site stand out from the millions of other sites on the web.
A successful website is designed with the users online needs and behaviour in mind.

A well-planned website should be easy to use by making the navigation intuitive for the user.
The following guidelines will enhance the users experience on your website.
  • Keep it Brief:
    People read 40% less on the web than they will in print.
    Use keywords in your content and bulleted, condensed information

  • Avoid 'Busy' Pages:
    Print requires 30% "white space" to let the eyes organize content.
    Effective web design requires 60% white space

  • Plan the User Experience:
    Users stay longer on websites that allow them to interact and make choices.

  • Avoid Long Pages:
    Users do not like to scroll down long pages.
    Keep pages short enough that the main content fits "above the fold"
    (fit on the screen without scrolling)

  • Plan a Logical Navigation:
    Users leave sites that are hard to navigate.
    Organize material clearly and allow the user to click on selections to bring material to them.
    This will increase willingness to explore and read your site.

Planning a customized website is a step-by-step process.
Use our web design worksheets to plan your customized website.
To tailor a site to your business, it will be helpful to ask
yourself the following questions and take notes of your responses.
The result will be a web strategy based on your needs and goals.

Need to do a little web research?
Use a web search to help you find your competitors and other sites you like.
Then answer the Step-by-Step worksheet questions below!
Going through the process will help bring all your ideas together

Step-by-Step Worksheet
Your answers will help us to define your website needs
and target your design to your audience.

  1. What purpose is your website to serve?
    What do you want to accomplish with your site?

  2. Who is your target audience?
    Who do you expect to need your website?
    And when will they need what you are offering?

  3. Who will write the content for your site?
    Do you plan to provide all written copy or
    would you like the assistance of a writer or editor?

  4. Do you have content that you can leverage and adapt for your website?
    Do you have print materials? (brochures, cards, logo, ads)
    Do you have audio or video material you want to include on your site?

  5. Do you have graphics or photos for your site?
    The web is basically a visual medium, so relevant graphics are recommended.
    Will you need us to take photos for you?
    Will you need a logo created?
    Do you want the assistance of a graphic artist
    to create consistent graphics for both print and web?
    (corporate identity, letterhead, logo, packaging for products, business cards).
    I have photos, graphics, logo and/or art
    I will need photos taken
    I will need a logo created

  6. Will you be selling products from your site? YES
    Will you need to be able to take credit cards? YES
    If so, what kind of monthly volume do you project?

  7. Will your site be using a database? YES
    Do you have a database or will you need one created for you?

  8. Have you looked at your competitor's sites?
    Is there a niche you can fill?

    Something you want to do better?

  9. Have you made of list of sites you like and don't like?
    As you surf the web, keep a list of sites that have the kind of look or layout you like and don't like.
    Did you find one especially easy to use?
    What graphically caught your eye?
    Did you notice what pulled you in or made you click off the site?
    These observations will help determine a style for your site

  10. Do you have any colors in mind?
    It is suggested that you use 3 core colors on your site
    Click the color picker below to assist you, then enter
    The codes in the box below.
    |Color Picker|

  11. Do you have a domain name registered? ( Yes No
    What domain name would you like to use?
    If not, is the name you are interested in using available?
    You can go to or any other
    register service and search availability,
    or try for help with combinations.
    If you don't have a domain name yet, keep a few things in mind while brainstorming names
  • Keep it as short as possible
  • Make it easy to remember and type
  • Make it descriptive
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